The threat to our democracy

"william" responds
My mistake...."1400 year campaign" And you continue to miss the point and aid the muslims in their cause. (That you couldn't pick this up...speaks about your ignorance, not mine.) Specifically you fail to address the point regarding "Sharia" in Ontario. Why should Muslims have a special law? Christians in Ontario observe Canadian Law. You seem to think, Canadian Law isn't good enough for Muslims? Why is that.
First of all, I refuse to believe that you read my entire earlier post, based on your most recent diatribe. If you didn't read it, go do so. If you did, then I really can't help you any further. I'm not missing any point. You're missing the point. I posted it before, so I'll do it again: I did google "Sharia" and "Ontario" and found that Ontario allows Muslims to use Sharia law to adjudicate family disputes. Specifically: "Ontario Muslims should have the same rights as Roman Catholics and Jews in the province to seek arbitration based on religious law for family disputes and inheritance cases, concludes a report by former attorney-general Marion Boyd". Translation: If a particularly religious person wishes to bypass the civil, secular courts and adjudicate matters relating to family law and inheritance in accordance with Sharia/Muslim law, Roman Catholic law, or Jewish law, he/she is free to do so in Ontario. To be clear - I am not religious, so I don't know the first thing about any of these various religious law, and I would never consent to be beholden to any of them. But if a particularly religious person does choose and consent to have certain issues governed by religious law, that's his business, and more likely than not protected under the 1st amendment. Even if the religious law in question is an anachronism and inherently discriminatory. If that's your belief system, and you choose to be governed by it, then that's your choice. The issue of the use of Sharia in Ontario is governed by the Arbitration Act, which sets up private adjudication of legal issues. The Act merely permits consenting parties to use laws other than Ontario civil law to arbitrate agreements. That doesn't mean that the public-at-large is in any way governed by Sharia, or that it is the law of the land in Ontario. Also - unless you subscribe to the idea that Roman Catholics aren't Christians, you'll note that Catholic laws may also be applied via the Arbitration Act in Ontario.
FYI...500 years ago residents of europe were forced to observe "church law." The along came Martin Luther and the reformation. Dude, Islam needs a reformation not an ignorant adherance to 7th C. law. Shame on you for not seeing this. The incremental advance of "Sharia" will snuff out this democracy if we are not vigilant. BTW....it's easy to attack me as ignorant, because my views are different from your Ueber LIBERAL sensitivities. Focus on the argument, educate your self...and what about the Christian family of 4 ritually killed in NJ...
I don't care about Martin Luther or the Reformation or the Catholic Church or what Europe was like 500 years ago. If you think that permitting devout Muslims to apply Sharia in private arbitration will lead to the "snuffing out" of our democracy, then you obviously have little faith in the American form of government, and in our representative democracy; and this only serves to underscore your agreement with the systematic violation of constitutional and civil liberties by the border guards at the Q-L bridge in December. If you have no faith in our laws and constitution, then you have no will to defend them. I don't know anything about the Christian family of 4 ritually killed in NJ, and I don't see what on God's green earth that has to do with the detention of law-abiding American Muslims coming home from a conference in Toronto. They weren't returning from a camp in Afghanistan, but from a meeting hall in Toronto. There are better ways to deal with security questions than to violate one's rights. So, in short: the real threat to our democracy isn't the use of Sharia in private arbitrations in Ontario. The real threat to our democracy comes from people who would abandon the very tenets of democracy in favor of a very dubious security.

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