Toronto ferry update

The CATS fast ferry (aka the "Breeze") between Rochester and Toronto was a journey I was looking forward to taking. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to do it before the ferry shut down in September. It seems like the ferry was counting on getting some lucrative truck business, but customs officials on both sides dragged their feet on approving that service. CATS ultimately ran out of money. The "Spirit of Ontario" sits idly, in Rochester. Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle has a page devoted to the saga of the Fast Ferry. The Rochester City Council voted last year 8-1 to put in a City bid to buy the ferry. If the customs problems are worked out, it could prove to be a moneymaker. It cuts about in half the trip between T.O. & Rochester, and obviously bypasses the bridges, which are regularly backed up during tourist season. The Australian owners of the ferry are auctioning her off on February 28th. The City of Rochester intends to buy the ship. Stay tuned.

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