Good points

When not posting about ultra-lefty Chomskyist stuff, Buffalo Report can be quite a good read:
"Instead of preparing for the eventually rainy day, Giambra invested our money in his political capital by not raising revenues to protect the county against the looming crisis. Giambra and Fisher embraced the Republican mantra of no tax increases, choosing to exhaust the Gorski surpluses and the tobacco settlement. That's political cowardice at its worst. Well, maybe not 'its worst.' The worst was Giambra standing up before the media and the people of Erie County flanked by a sign that said 'Erie County Closed Thanks to Medicaid.' What a gutless wonder. Say what you want about Tony Masiello but there wasn't a lot of the blame game present when Giambra and Fisher orchestrated the control board to embarrass the City of Buffalo. Masiello knew it was Giambra sticking the knife in his back but you didn't hear him whining. Masiello could have blamed municipal finances on the nuances of state law; laws like binding arbitration, that take the mayor and the elected officials out of the equation for almost 75% of the city budget. But Masiello didn't bring placards blaming the Taylor Law to the control board meetings. "

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