Uh, oh.

According to Illuzzi's PoliticsWNY.com
"Exclusive: The State Legislature intended to request Governor Pataki, TODAY, issue a 'Message of Neccessity.' The State Legislature intended to pass a local law extending the deadline for the Erie County Legislature to pass the 'Giambra Penny' to February 11th. Translation a technical, Chapter Amendment, change in the minimum notice requirement from 30 days to 23 days, certified letter, ergo the February 11th date. Sources: Believed there 'was' a 10th vote in place or about to be in place. I got a call back ... The bill, which Senator Dale Volker introduced in the Senate, Mark Schroeder in the Assembly, is now off the agenda for today. The bill could be introduced next week with another date. Bill # 2063 Senate # 4161 Assembly Postscript: The 10th vote is a Republican! Sources: 'Giambra called the Governor & cancelled the request.' The County Legislature cancelled today!"
Look, reading through the text quoted above is like machete-ing through thick brush, but it looks like a Republican is about to cave and be the 10th vote. So much for reform. Business as usual wins.

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